PosiStrobe CP

Aveo Posistrobe CPThe Aveo PosiStrobe CP is a new generation rudder white position and strobe light. It fits almost all the standard rudder mounts of aircraft and also features an optional aluminum adapter mount plate pictured in the installation page. An extremely lightweight, aerodynamic and low-profile design make this the light of choice for any certified aircraft requiring a rear coverage light due to wingtip light coverage zone limits. The PosiStrobe series is the most imitated and copied light by our competitors, but there is ONLY one PosiStrobe, don’t be fooled by competitive “clones”, we were the first and we are the only ones with our exclusive circuitry, advanced optics and reflectors and candela performance.

The posistrobe coverage diagram shows the compliance to tail position and strobe requirements of all international aviation authorities:

The PosiStrobeCP(TM) is also encapsulated in the exclusive AveoDiamidium(TM) formulation, and is virtually unbreakable. With our exclusive aircraft lifetime warranty there is no risk to the owner that he will ever need to buy another again. Our policy is simple, IF IT FAILS WE REPLACE IT!


  • 2-in-1 Position & Strobe light ideal for tail, rudder or rear facing mounts
  • Optics designed for FAA/ICAO/EASA requirements
  • 9-32 volt input range
  • no external power supply or strobe unit, an Aveo world first
  • light synchronization feature
  • minimum drag profile
  • unbreakable Diamidium(TM) encapsulation
  • exclusive Lifetime Warranty
  • unmatched circuit technology
  • advanced computer and goniophotometer engineered optics

These aircraft lights meet both TSO C30c and C96a design specifications and EXCEED all the specific requirements and standards of TSO C30c, C96a, SAE AS 8037 and AS8017a, plus DO-160.

Be Seen, Not Sorry!