AveoFlashLP LSA

AveoFlashLP-LSAThe e-series AveoFlash LSA™ is the incredibly popular light of the light sport, kit, experimental and ultralight industry. At only 83 grams, and an extremely aerodynamic shape and minimal footprint, the AveoFlashLP LSA light is now standard on most leading S-LSA and kit planes. With synchronization as a standard feature, the LSA light is a complete solution for navigation, position and strobe to all international aviation requirements and standards.

Available with a variety of mounting adapters and custom composite fairings, the LSA light is extremely easy to install. Encapsulated in the exclusive AveoDiamidium™ formulation, the e-series AveoFlashLP LSA wing lights are virtually unbreakable and with our exclusive aircraft lifetime warranty there is no risk to the owner that he will ever need to buy another set of wing lights again.

Our policy is simple, IF IT FAILS WE REPLACE IT!



  • 3-in-1 Nav/Position/Strobe
  • extremely lightweight at 83 grams
  • 9-32 volt input range
  • no external power supply or strobe unit, an Aveo world first
  • light synchronization feature
  • minimum drag profile
  • unbreakable Diamidium™ encapsulation
  • exclusive Lifetime Warranty
  • unmatched circuit technology
  • advanced computer and goniophotometer engineered optics

Be Seen, Not Sorry!