RedBaron XP

Aveo RedBaron XP

Aveo RedBaron XP

The Aveo RedBaron XP series of anti-collision lights were designed for certified aircraft requirements. They represent the cutting edge in optics design and the use of LED arrays that have been optimized for coverage patterns.

The exclusive Aveo RockyReflectors(TM) are what separates these lights from any in the industry.  They have been molded after exhaustive modeling and testing in our parent company’s world class LED-array measurement lab. (

The AVeo RedBaron XP version incorporates 36 of the brightest LEDs available in the world today, with chromacity and intensity compliant to all international aviation and safety standards. The optical performance is incredible, and these are the ideal replacement unit for any anti-collision light system in existence. Come visit us and get a tour of our LED array testing and optimization lab, as there is no such facilities available at ANY of our competition.

The Aveo RedBaron XP lights feature an exclusive Aveo internal reflection system to get the appropriate arcs of intensities, and these lights exceed the requirements by a wide margin. Be Seen, Not Sorry is our mantra, and with the Aveo RedBaron XP(TM) lights your aircraft will be seen farther away than any other lighting system in the market, and all with the exclusive Aveo patented electronic circuitry.

Encapsulated in the exclusive AveoDiamidium(TM) formulation, the RedBaron XP lights are virtually unbreakable and with our exclusive aircraft lifetime warranty there is no risk to the owner that he will ever need to buy another set of wing lights again.

Our policy is simple, IF IT FAILS WE REPLACE IT!

  • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in red or white led colors
  • Unbreakable Diamidium(TM) encapsulation
  • 9-32 Volt Input Range
  • Vibration Proof
  • Waterproof
  • Lowest Drag Profile anti-collision light
  • 1.57″ (40 mm) overall height
  • Anodized aluminum finish
  • Synchronization Feature
  • Advanced Optics
  • Unmatched circuit technology
  • DO-160 Environmental & EMI approved
  • Extremely light weight
  • C-96a TSO tested and approved

Be Seen, Not Sorry!