Andromeda Series

Aveo Andromeda-Aurora

The Andromeda Series lights are the at the pinnacle of the aircraft aviation lights industry; there is simply no finer or brighter wing light available anywhere in the world. Exhaustively engineered to the finest optical angles and ranges to far exceed all certification standards, and also thoroughly and rigorously tested to the latest DO-160F environmental testing standards, the Andromeda spent more than a year in our optics design lab to achieve industry-first performance levels.

The special embedded version has the rear position/strobe lights removed from the circuit in order to be EMBEDDED in a wingtip lens enclosure mount, and must be used with a rear position/strobe such as the PosiStrobe CP. This light also has a custom adapter to permit mounting on the AveoMaxx landing light shroud module to create a 6-in-1 nav/position/strobe/landing/taxi/wigwag total solution.

Incorporating special highly reflective chrome reflectors that are designed with special software to optimize angular intensities to design requirements, the Andromeda lights are ideal for aircraft that want to be seen at the maximum distance possible, while still enjoying extremely low electrical draw and the absolute minimum drag profile. Encapsulated in the exclusive AveoDiamidium(TM) formulation, the Andromeda lights are virtually unbreakable and with our exclusive aircraft lifetime warranty there is no risk to the owner that he will ever need to buy another set of wing lights again.


  • 3-in-1 Nav/Position/Strobe
  • 9-32 volt input range
  • no external power supply or strobe unit, an Aveo world first
  • light synchronization feature
  • minimum drag profile
  • unbreakable Diamidium(TM) encapsulation
  • exclusive Lifetime Warranty
  • unmatched circuit technology

Be Seen, Not Sorry!