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Yes, the FAA has issued its TSO approvals for the world’s finest aircraft lights, the unmatched and incomparable Aveo Engineering Ultras and RedBarons.

Aveo Engineering Ultra Galactia - Red Baron XP - FAA TSO C30c TSO C96a

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Why Aveo?

Brilliantly Different?

It’s not just a clever slogan. All Aveo products have features and benefits that just aren’t found anywhere else, designed and combined to provide the highest level of anti-collision perfomance. Many LED aircraft lights may look the same, but the internal differences can be huge.

Like What, for Instance?

Take a look at our multi-function wingtip units that combine Navigation, Strobe, and Position light functions. Notice how the LED elements are precisely destributed in a curve, and are aligned with the adjacent reflectors. This allows maximum visibility from all sectors, making sure the Aveo equipped aircraft is noticed and avoided.

Elegant Simplicity.

Of course, ALL of our Aveo products require no external power boxes, every bit of the elegant power supply circuitry is self contained. All that’s needed is a simple connection to aircraft power. In most retrofit installations, shielded cables aren’t even needed, existing airframe wiring can be used.

Intelligent Design.

We could build a simple light with minimal circuitry powering rows of LEDs mounted on flat printed circuit boards, and call it good. But we don’t. Aveo lights are much smarter than that, with proprietary internal circuitry that will adjust the brightness and temperature of the light based on ambient conditions. From operating on motionless aircraft on hot desert ramps, to sub zero temperatures typical of high flight levels, Aveo lights provide maximum performance under the extremes typical of real world flight operations. No one else builds a light with the power supply sophistication of Aveo.

Lasting Value.

Speaking of power, Aveo light output is indeed brilliant, but this performance is achieved on a paltry amount of power consumption. Aveo uses only the highest quality and brightest LED elements from CREE™, not some cheap foreign knock-offs. This allows Aveo to offer the unmatched lifetime warranty on most of our products, meaning our customers invest just once in superior anti-collision lighting for their aircraft. Should it ever fail, we’ll send you a replacement.

Quiet is Good.

One unfortunate side effect of many legacy strobe systems is the electro magnetic interference (EMI) that is created from the sudden current spike that powers a strobe flash. Even with electrically efficient LEDs, a burst of light equates to a surge of current. Toss in the noise inherent in direct current “switching” power supplies, and many LED wingtip lights aren’t much quieter than those old strobe systems they are replacing. Aveo engineers have designed high EMI noise out of our lights, and left the quiet in.

Takes a Lickin’…

Our wingtip lights are very rugged, solidly encapsulated in a tough transparent material that shrugs off vibration, abrasion and impact. Should the surface become scratched or abraded, a simple quick polish will bring it back to a smooth finish. Another key benefit is that there is NO atmosphere inside to condense as the weather changes. Moisture and electronics don’t mesh very well, and there is zero possibility of moisture ever getting inside of our solid encapsulation.

Aveo Southwest is the West Coast Source for Aveo Engineering, the developer of a powerful package of LED lighting systems for small aircraft.

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With features such as easy installation, low power draw, and high candela output, these lighting packages are affordable, reliable, lightweight, and provide the ultimate in safety features for today’s light aircraft operations.

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Aveo PosistrobeRed Baron XP

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